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Remainders: Details about new school calm Park Slope parents

  • The head of Park Slope’s new elementary school calmed rezoned families’ fears with details. (DNA Info)
  • A city parents group has launched a campaign to urge a teacher evaluation deal. (NYC Parents Union)
  • Ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in Brooklyn tend to teach girls things they won’t teach boys. (DNA Info)
  • It bears repeating: City charter schools are held to different standards for school closures. (SchoolBook)
  • A blow-by-blow of Chicago’s school closures and changes suggests little in the way of strategy. (Reader)
  • A teacher says we unfortunately can’t assume the best about rising graduation rates. (Assailed Teacher)
  • A city teacher says he wants specifics about Gov. Cuomo’s plan for longer school days. (NYC Educator)
  • By replacing “or” with “and,” a literacy teacher got excited about the Common Core. (EdNews Colorado)
  • Attention is turning to the puzzle of why there are too many elementary school teachers. (Teacher Beat)
  • A second “reformer,” TFA founder Wendy Kopp, writes back to a critic’s open letter. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • A 99-year-old home economics teacher in New Jersey says she isn’t quite ready to retire yet. (HuffPo)

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