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Rise & Shine: Another day of labor strife and strike set for NYC

  • Without buses, parents struggled to get their children to school safely and on time. (WSJ, Schoolbook)
  • Attendance fell in special needs schools on Wednesday. (GothamSchools, NY1, Post, Schoolbook, WSJ)
  • The strike stems from efforts to reduce the yellow busing’s sky-high and ever-increasing costs. (Times)
  • The strike is extra inconvenient for families who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy. (DNAInfo)
  • The city’s largest (and troubled) after-school tutoring company is under federal investigation. (News)
  • Without a city-UFT teacher evaluations deal today, the city will lose state funds. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • The Daily News says UFT chief Michael Mulgrew should get the blame if a deal falls through today.
  • Mayoral candidate Adolpho Carrion, Jr. also attacked the UFT for stalling on a deal. (Daily News)
  • Ex-public advocate Betsy Gotbaum isn’t endorsing parent leader Noah Gotbaum, her stepson. (Times)
  • Civil servant work stoppages are illegal, but school bus drivers aren’t subject to same fines. (Post)
  • Parents and politicians rallied outside a struggling school to celebrate that it won’t be closed. (News)
  • Democrats in Albany are supporting a comprehensive DREAM act for the first time. (Times)
  • A new report documents Mississippi’s school-to-prison pipeline, already under federal scrutiny. (Times)

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