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Remainders: Bus strike is a tricky issue for mayoral candidates

  • Mayoral candidates are speaking very carefully about the school bus union and its strike. (SchoolBook)
  • Democracy Prep students are out with another music video, about Obama’s inauguration. (YouTube)
  • Obama’s proposals to curb gun violence include plans for schools and mental health. (Politics K-12)
  • Social studies teachers share their strategies for teaching about “history myths.” (Classroom Q&A)
  • A map of 10 years of school closures in Chicago explains what happened to each school. (WBEZ)
  • Some cities close schools to save money. Turns out, that plan might not work. (Washington Examiner)
  • The founder of a charter school sited tonight says charter don’t all have to be the same. (Flypaper)
  • The city could soon get a freestanding Jewish day school for students with special needs. (Jewish Week)
  • Parents who fret about the philosophy of their children’s preschool probably shouldn’t fret at all. (Slate)

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