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Remainders: City's bus-strike search mostly returns bad news

  • The Department of Education has launched a searchable database of strike-disrupted school bus routes.
  • Here’s backstory on the arcane legal issue at the heart of bus drivers union’s complaint. (SchoolBook)
  • Families describe the ways they will deal with, or not deal with, the lack of school buses. (SchoolBook)
  • A conservative think tank says a teacher bar exam would raise barriers to entry too much. (Heritage)
  • A theory: The UFT outsourced its mediation request so its own lawyers could work. (NYCDOENuts)
  • A new study finds that the more parents save for college, the lower their kids grades. (The Choice)
  • Low- and high-scoring high schoolers think differently about simple math. (Inside School Research)
  • New research finds benefits to “active ignoring” by teachers of behavior issues in the classroom. (WSJ)
  • A new report finds that poor students in the U.S. are gaining on students in other countries. (Hechinger)
  • California didn’t earn a federal NCLB waiver, but some of its districts still could. (Politics K-12)
  • A teacher reminds the world that the Common Core is still not real to many on the ground. (Jose Vilson)

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