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Remainders: School closure foes borrow from the civil rights era

  • The barrage of civil rights complaints over school closures recall an earlier era. (American Prospect)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said longer school days would be great, if the city doesn’t have to pay. (Capital NY)
  • City student and special education advocate Bryan Stromer got into college, with a full ride! (The Choice)
  • Americans “haven’t thought much” about Obama’s education initiatives, a new poll finds. (HuffPo)
  • Maryland is the latest state to have its Race to the Top funding at risk over compliance. (Politics K-12)
  • There are more reports from D.C.’s cheating investigations that are still under wraps. (Class Struggle)
  • The principal of a school that’s finally reopened after Sandy describes the homecoming. (SchoolBook)
  • Almost all of the teachers at a Seattle high school decided not to administer a state test. (Answer Sheet)
  • A teacher calls out the Gates Foundation for combining data points to prove a point. (Gary Rubinstein)

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