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Remainders: Chicago teachers end strike after seven days

  • The teachers union agreed to a new contract that includes a raise and concessions on evals. (Tribune)
  • This week’s This American Life episode focuses entirely on Paul Tough’s new book. (This American Life)
  • A former adult ed administrator proposes a “radical” alternative to new GED tests. (GS Community)
  • A rundown of the players in New York City education politics and how they’re aligned. (Schoolbook)
  • Mayoral hopeful Tom Allon agrees with FDR that public union strikes are “intolerable.” (HuffPo)
  • An ATR member explains the disappointing turnout at the latest teacher recruitment fair.  (NYC Educator)
  • Despite evidence of success, a new report on school turnarounds shows little reading growth. (EdWeek)
  • A researcher offers advice for teachers to rewire their expectations about high-need students. (NPR)
  • New York City school employment has been spared relative to the rest of the public sector. (Greg David)
  • Tension over CUNY’s new curriculum is causing dissension among the teaching ranks. (NY World)