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Remainders: After Matt Damon, a smaller Save Our Schools rally

  • After 2011’s Matt Damon-studded event, 2012’s Save our Schools Conference is smaller. (Politics K-12)
  • A former New York City teacher is chronicling his SOS attendance to the last detail. (Urban Teacher’s Ed)
  • Two new novels present thinly veiled portraits of Park Slope’s P.S. 321 and Tribeca’s P.S. 234. (Times)
  • Lafayette HS produced the most baseballers of any city school; most top producers are closed. (Times)
  • The ACLU is suing a La. charter school that expels girls even suspected to be pregnant. (Mother Jones)
  • Being forced to a higher floor means warmer classrooms at a space-sharing school. (Inside Colocation)
  • Pennsylvania has done away with the requirement that superintendents have taught. (District Dossier)
  • An educator lists 10 axioms about education that he says are incorrect and even harmful. (Answer Sheet)
  • And a city teacher pokes holes in beliefs held by the ed tech “missionary set.” (Schools as Ecosystems)
  • A teacher grapples with the question of whether selling her work compromises her. (Shoulders of Giants)
  • A Common Core advocate pans materials by the educator behind the city’s literacy curriculum. (Flypaper)
  • It’s not just what a teacher says or does but how he says or does it that matters, a coach says. (Coach G)