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Rise & Shine: Speculation has begun about Stuy’s next principal

News from New York City:

  • Stuyvesant High School’s principal has resigned. (GothamSchools, Times, WSJ, Daily News, Post, NY1)
  • Stanley Teitel’s departure comes amid an investigation into cheating, which critics say is rampant. (Post)
  • Where the ultra-elite school’s next principal will come from is the subject of speculation. (Daily News)
  • The School Construction Authority is spending 10 times as much on injuries than in 2002. (Post)
  • Two teachers so far are getting backpay in the Fort Hamilton HS payroll scandal we reported. (NY1)
  • Many teachers at Lehman High School are not returning, even though they now can. (Daily News)
  • A city teen says she was arrested for appropriately using a student Metrocard last week. (Daily News)
  • Two competing groups are emerging to respond to the sex abuse scandal at Horace Mann. (WSJ, Times)
  • A Queens janitor was fired after asking to suck an early college high school student’s toes. (Daily News)
  • A teacher from Washington Heights’ M.S. 324 attended a sustainability camp this summer. (Daily News)

And beyond:

  • Hundreds of schools have lenghtened their years to boost learning, and more might follow suit. (Times)
  • Virtual charter schools are an emerging sector, but some states are rejecting them. (N.J. Spotlight)
  • N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is set to sign into law a bill to overhaul teacher tenure and firing rules. (WSJ)
  • Less than half of Texas’s high school graduates met the state’s standards for college readiness. (Times)
  • After-school tutoring, long common among Asia’s elite, is now spreading to less affluent families. (Times)
  • Whether Boston parents prefer proximity or safety in their schools depends on where they live. (Globe)
  • The Times says TNTP’s recent report on teacher retention proves new evaluations are needed.

Last week on GothamSchools:

  • City teachers shell out money and time for extra training during the summer. (Thursday, Friday)
  • A charter school principal-training program’s first week included a lot of introspection. (Friday)
  • A dustup over teachers unions’ stance on sex abusers started at a state education meeting. (Thursday)
  • Sweeping payroll problems have landed Fort Hamilton High School under investigation. (Wednesday)
  • A new group is pushing for a greater role for teens in local and national schools policy. (Wednesday)
  • A comptroller’s audit criticized the DOE for expanding a technology initiative too quickly. (Wednesday)
  • Turnaround’s end means the end of a “master” and “turnaround” teacher program, too. (Tuesday)
  • A city nonprofit found that students who struggle in high school are likely to struggle later on. (Tuesday)
  • Principals of ex-turnaround schools got details about hiring, school names, and more. (Tuesday)
  • A TNTP report says school districts are keeping weak teachers and letting top ones leave. (Monday)
  • In a rare move, a city charter school offered free public space has opted not to use it. (Monday)