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Rise & Shine: Suspected schools slump when monitors visit

  • Scores fell at schools suspected of cheating after monitors visited on exam day. (GothamSchools)
  • Officials blamed the budget for cutting back on the test monitor program. (GothamSchools, Daily News)
  • To curb rising costs, a special education trade group is asking regulators for more oversight. (Times)
  • A former network leader who forced a principal to hire his wife was fined.  (GothamSchoolsPost)
  • City Council leaders symbolically took a stand for free breakfasts in classrooms. (NY1, Schoolbook)
  • A former Horace Mann teacher protested the school’s response to sex abuse charges. (Riverdale Press)
  • Families with children living in city homeless shelters increased by 30 percent last year. (WSJ)
  • The head of an advocacy group says his new report lays groundwork for a ‘parent trigger’ law. (Post)
  • Newsday applauds early efforts in state evaluations, but worries that some data is ‘deeply flawed.’
  • Nearly one in five students drink, smoke or do drugs in school, according to a new survey. (Daily News)
  • Columnist Josh Greeman says he’s disappointed to see Obama hedging to the union. (Daily News)