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Remainders: Principal: Harlem transfer school is making gains

  • The principal of Harlem Renaissance describes gains school has made under SIG. (Schoolbook)
  • Education Week fact-checks the new Obama campaign ad on Romney, class size and spending.
  • A new Gallup poll shows Americans are divided over value of Common Core programs. (EdWeek)
  • Flatlining ACT college readiness scores show need for multiple evaluation systems. (Answer Sheet)
  • The state has named 10 districts with “model” teacher evaluation plans to be emulated. (SED)
  • Thanks to budget cuts, many Florida students must finish required summer school online. (NPR)
  • A teacher gives the Times tempered praise for adding educators to their panel roster. (Jose Vilson)
  • The UFT’s new MORE caucus plans to show support for Chicago’s teachers union. (Ed Notes)
  • Stalled union contract negotiations could mean no plan to alleviate ATR woes. (School Daze)