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Remainders: Obama uses education to take on Mitt Romney

  • With speeches and an ad, Obama launched an offensive against Romney’s education plan. (HuffPo)
  • It’s part of a larger effort to make education aid a hot-button issue in the election. (Education Week)
  • Parents seeking aggressive treatment for their children with disabilities won a court victory. (School Law)
  • Mona Davids postponed her forum on sexual misconduct due to a low RSVP rate. (Schoolbook)
  • The state teachers union endorsed Democrats and Republicans in contested Senate races. (CapitalNY)
  • A writer riffs — with an edu-spin — on a Times op-ed that called for more research in health. (Hechinger)
  • Two “cool” schools in Arizona won praise in national rankings for untraditional practices. (AZ Republic)