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Remainders: Case of the missing Harlem Children’s Zone clones

  • Obama said he would target poverty by cloning the Harlem Children’s Zone. Why hasn’t he? (NYT Mag)
  • A Chicagoland suburb is offering unpaid internships to teachers who can’t find jobs. (Tribune)
  • Andy Rotherham suggests a question about lax waiver requests for presidential debates. (Eduwonk)
  • Speaking as a parent, too, a teacher praises those who stand up for the joy of learning. (NYC Educator)
  • A investing expert explains why charter schools are an attractive part of any portfolio. (Answer Sheet)
  • Chicago’s Academy for Urban School Leadership is charting a new model for teacher training. (WSJ)
  • In one Mississippi school, teachers started the year with a “Call Me Maybe” flashmob. (YouTube)
  • Kevin Chavous says teachers need to understand the challenges of homelessness better. (Take Part)