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Remainders: Post-cheating scandal, Philly’s test scores plunge

  • Scores at Philadelphia schools investigated for cheating dropped by enormous margins. (Notebook)
  • Eva Moskowitz takes aim at schools that claim diversity but are segregated on the inside. (SchoolBook)
  • Joel Klein makes the argument in favor of bringing private interests into public education. (Atlantic)
  • A teacher contrasts her bright-eyed start in 2007 with her dismal ATR status today. (Suddenly ATR)
  • Teach for America is looking for an executive director of its New York region, to replace Jeff Li. (TFA)
  • Los Angeles has gotten its own school news website, with a Brooklynite editing. (L.A. Schools Report)
  • Rick Hess wonders why people say D.C. doesn’t need a humanities-centered school. (Straight Up)
  • Joe Williams notes that unions, like StudentsFirstNY board members, give to Republicans. (DFER)
  • Here are some of the videos that D.C. teachers made showcasing their classroom skills. (The Lede)
  • The Staten Island students who got famous singing others’ songs are writing their own. (P.S. Chorus)
  • A charter school chief lists unexpected startup challenges, such as getting insurance. (Charter Notebook)
  • After two decades, Teach For America’s mission and success rates are still fodder for debate. (Reuters)
  • A bill in California would require teacher evaluation systems to be collectively bargained. (Teacher Beat)