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Remainders: DOJ uncovers a “schools-to-prison” pipeline

  • A town in Mississippi is being investigated for sending students from school to prison. (ABC News)
  • On the heels of the Olympic Games, two early-learning experts want to get kids moving again. (HuffPo)
  • GothamSchools’ Elizabeth Green reviews a new book about a Texan turnaround. (Texas Monthly)
  • Another review applauds the book for accurately capturing ed reform’s complex climate. (Daily Beast)
  • As National Novel Writing Month approaches, a teacher offers advice based on her class. (Edutopia)
  • Breaking with his GOP allies, Georgia’s education chief opposes a charter school  ballot initiative. (AJC)
  • A parent says that before nixing a math discipline, educators have to first fix how it’s taught. (Schoolbook)