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Remainders: Summer school helps few students in Rochester

  • Rochester’s summer school helps very few students graduate from high school. (Democrat & Chronicle)
  • Race to the Top’s district contest is now underway, with additional money at stake. (Campaign K-12)
  • One group estimates it would take $271 billion to repair aging school buildings nationally. (Parade)
  • Jay Mathews says D.C.’s cheating investigation and its conclusions are laughable. (Class Struggle)
  • Brooklyn Tech is the 10th-most active school nationally in an online quest for Target gift cards. (GiveWith)
  • An appeals court has overturned a ruling that shielded L.A. schools from seniority layoffs. (Teacher Beat)
  • VP hopeful Paul Ryan hasn’t said much about education except that it is too expensive. (Hechinger)
  • Dewey and Jefferson top a list of people rolling in their graves over education policy. (Diane Ravitch)
  • Joel Klein said he’s a dinosaur for having bookshelves in his office, not interactive e-books. (AP)
  • A teacher prepping for fall lists a number of assignments it sounds like he’s not giving. (NYC Urban Ed)
  • A group of activist educators wants teachers excessed before this year to get their jobs back. (NYC ATR)