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Remainders: Cash for "pro-reform" comments offered in Florida

  • StudentsFirst Florida offered allies gifts for “polite and persuasive pro-reform” comments. (State Impact)
  • The group focuses on just half of one teacher’s taxonomy of education policy impacts. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • The PR firm SKDKnickerbocker was working against unions while it worked for them. (In These Times)
  • Districts across the country are shifting to an autonomy-based “portfolio” model. (EdWeek via Notebook)
  • Several city folks are among those weighing in on the value of standardized testing. (Room for Debate)
  • Nocera: Turnaround for Children bridges between “reformers” and those who blame poverty. (Times)
  • One criticism of TNTP’s newest report takes issue with the terminology of “irreplaceables.” (Shanker)
  • A city teacher wonders what might have been if charter schools existed when he was a kid. (Yo Mista)
  • A teacher sums up a book documenting the culture that policing instills in schools. (Urban Teacher’s Ed)
  • A Bronx high school teacher outlines how he got students to pass the AP Calculus exam. (SchoolBook)
  • It’s not clear if a testing resolution the AFT passed changes the union’s formal positions. (Teacher Beat)
  • Chicago teachers sought a tougher stance and protested extensively at the convention. (Ed Notes)
  • The problem with teaching history is that every year there is more of it. (NPR)