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Remainders: Stop & frisk is keeping students back, lawyer says

  • A civil liberties lawyer says an end to stop and frisk could boost student achievement. (SchoolBook)
  • Two years after being fired from one school, a Scottish teacher who behaved badly lost his job. (BBC)
  • A Teach for America teacher says schools should at least be equal while they are separate. (HuffPo)
  • We’ve added information about GothamSchools’ advisory boards to our website. (GS About Us)
  • The UFT is asking for support for unionized charter school teachers without a contract. (Edwize)
  • A budget watchdog has put together an infographic about disparities in state school funding. (CBCNY)
  • As the AFT convention kicks off in Detroit, here’s a primer about what to watch for. (Teacher Beat)
  • Norm Scott files a first report from the strangely carless Motor City as the convention starts. (Ed Notes)
  • Checker Finn discusses the impetus and outcomes of the nation’s “credit recovery scam.” (Flypaper)
  • Eva Moskowitz has raised her goal for Success Academies from 40 to “open ended.” (Capital NY)