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Rise & Shine: Schoolhouse doors reopened to religious groups

  • A federal judge ruled that city school buildings can in fact be used by religious groups. (Times)
  • The city lost its bid to overhaul 24 schools. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, Post, Daily News, WSJ, NY1)
  • The Daily News says the teachers union’s bid to stop the overhauls shows it doesn’t care about students.
  • A bill on Gov. Cuomo’s desk requires that “home environment” factor into special ed placements. (WSJ)
  • The city’s in-progress special education overhaul continues to generate anxiety. (WNYC/SchoolBook)
  • For the first time, the city released required data about students who did not graduate. (GothamSchools)
  • The 21 Bronx schools opening this fall have various themes and include replacements. (Daily News)
  • The Dignity for All Students Act, a new state law that targets bullying, went into effect on Sunday. (NY1)
  • A novelist whose daughters went to Stuyvesant says the culture pushes smart kids to cheat. (Daily News)
  • Ginia Bellafante: Sex abuse allegations are revising the histories of some elite city prep schools. (Times)
  • A prep-school student famously jailed for gun-running graduated from Millennium HS. (Daily News)
  • The family of a student whose beating by a school administrator was filmed is suing the city. (NY1)
  • The ultra-competitive exam used to screen students for Chinese universities is being reassessed. (Times)
  • Five more states received federal No Child Left Behind waivers, bringing the total to 24. (Times)
  • A program being piloted at three New England prep schools aims to teach girls about finance. (Times)
  • Mitt Romney’s two big education policy pushes as Massachusetts’s governor fell short. (Boston Globe)
  • City-based consultants floated a plan to shame a New Orleans school that hired them. (Times-Picayune)