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Rise & Shine: Charter schools lead the way in gains on tests

  • The proficiency gap between charter and district schools widened. (GothamSchools, Schoolbook, Post)
  • A charter school with new management and new teachers saw the biggest gains in the state. (NY1)
  • A supporter points out that charter schools across the state also outperformed district schools. (Post)
  • A middle school that the city is trying to close made dramatic improvements on state tests. (Daily News)
  • Schools facing closures didn’t fare any worse than the ones that the city saved. (GothamSchools)
  • The News profiles two Queens schools that saw the largest increase and decrease on the state tests.
  • Two Brooklyn principals whose schools made large gains grew up in the neighborhood. (News)
  • The principal of a turnaround school was arrested for possession of meth. (Courier, Daily News, Post)
  • The city gave turnaround teachers details about getting their jobs back. (GothamSchools, Schoolbook)
  • A special education company over-billed the city and created no-show jobs, a state audit found. (Times)
  • Bronx teenagers talked about the challenges of finding a summer job in tough times. (Rivderdale Press)
  • Chicago Public Schools and its union agreed — to reject a report about their contract dispute. (Sun-Times)
  • Virtual school students perform significantly worse on tests, a report finds. (Post-Gazette)