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Remainders: A fake student requests a “real teacher” for once

  • The Onion parodies the issue of low retention rates for teachers right out of college. (Onion)
  • A teacher writes that cheating has become a pervasive part of school culture for students. (LA Times)
  • As test scores and outcomes slowly improve, former Chancellor Joel Klein warns of complacency. (Time)
  • Matt Di Carlo shows how higher proficiency rates don’t always mean higher performance. (Shanker Blog)
  • A counselor gives college-bound seniors advice for their campus visits this summer. (Insideschools)
  • Bloomberg made an uncomfortable “African American” joke at today’s test score presser. (Politicker)
  • A new district-charter school partnership in LA will be focused in middle class areas (LA Times)
  • Bill Gates hopes that curriculum will more closely resemble the gaming principles that excite kids. (AJC)
  • Cuomo’s ed commission set a time and place for its visit to New York City. (Putting Students First)