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Remainders: Cerf, Ravitch spar over Shanker's view of charters

  • NJ Commissioner Cerf invokes Al Shanker in his defense of charter school expansion. (NJSpotlight)
  • Ravitch: Shanker supported charter schools only as options for the neediest students. (Answer Sheet)
  • After a year marred with errors, the results of state tests will be released Tuesday. (InsideSchools)
  • The Carnegie Corporation is funding STEM education improvements in NC. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Researchers found that strong teachers stay strong after moving to weaker schools. (Teacher Beat)
  • Bloggers: Teacher’s Facebook conduct punishment is too harsh. (Chaz’s School Daze, NYCDOEnuts)
  • “Clusters” of innovative schools and districts could spur the honing of best practices. (USDOE)