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Rise & Shine: In NYC, like elsewhere, schools offer little P.E.

  • Despite health concerns, schools in the city and elsewhere still offer little P.E. instruction. (Times)
  • A judge said the city must reinstate teachers at 24 schools. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, Post, NY1)
  • Gov. Cuomo’s education commission broke no ground at its public meeting in Albany. (Times-Union)
  • The current labor market is the worst it’s ever been for city teenagers, according to a city board. (WSJ)
  • A teacher who blasted students on Facebook will face a two-year unpaid suspension, not firing. (Post)
  • Here’s another look at a man with a checkered past who’s backing pro-charter politicians. (Daily News)
  • Lawyers for the school leaders suing over their Google results say the city didn’t help them. (Post)