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Remainders: Charting the evolution of an ed reform headline

  • An upstate newspaper has revised its coverage of Tuesday’s ed reform commission meeting. (FERA)
  • A teacher is glad she’s working her school’s “bridge” program and not other summer classes. (Miss Eyre)
  • The plot thickens at the city’s school support networks, according to a report from the field. (Ed Notes)
  • The state is soliciting feedback about how schools serve English language learners. (Insideschools)
  • After struggling with school choice, Ta-Nehisi Coates reports on his son’s year in private school. (Times)
  • A teacher lavishes praise on the book he wishes he had when he started teaching. (Urban Teacher’s Ed)
  • D.C.’s schools reporter, who scrutinized city officials, is leaving the beat. (D.C. Schools Insider)
  • A national study of “turnaround” schools found that they struggled with staffing and time. (Politics K-12)