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Rise & Shine: Amid cheating, hope for Stuy's alumni groups

  • A $1 million donation is seen as a chance to merge Stuyvesant HS’s long-divided alumni groups. (WSJ)
  • 71 Stuy students who cheated will retake exams. (GothamSchools, Times, Post, Daily News, WSJ, NY1)
  • The Post says the consequences for the Stuy students were too light; they should have been expelled.
  • Schools that try to run “bridge” programs for students who aren’t behind get little help. (GothamSchools)
  • A program to train city high school students in computer programming is recruiting now. (Daily News)
  • Parents from the Children’s School in Brooklyn want the city to offer space for expansion. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says the turnaround arbitrator didn’t understand: Schools are not buildings but cultures.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed off on a law to combat cyberbullying starting next year. (S.I. Advance)
  • A new report crunches federal data and finds that many students say school is too easy. (USA Today)
  • David Brooks: Poor children are losing ground because affluent parents are doing more. (Times)
  • Cleveland’s teachers union is working with bipartisan leaders to overhaul how teachers are fired. (WSJ)
  • The head of the Cato Institute says America has too many teachers, unless they are used better. (WSJ)