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To kick off a dreary day, PS 10’s sun-drenched parent flash mob

It’s a good thing parents at Park Slope’s P.S. 10 picked last Tuesday to surprise their children with a schoolyard flash mob — today’s stormy weather would have dampened the crowd’s enthusiasm.

The routine was choreographed by Kristi Spessard, a parent who also heads an experimental dance troupe. According to Lauren Elvers Collins, a P.S. 10 parent who posted on the blog Park Slope Stoop about the experience, the parents spent months rehearsing their routine and even roped school administrators into donning boas and participating.

And while the performance didn’t have any overt political messages, a more subtle one might have been expressed. Responding to a commenter on Gothamist who asked, “Who has time to do this?” a commenter named crocodile eyes wrote, “People who want to teach their kids that life is not all about standardized testing & quantitative statistics!” According to the school’s website, P.S. 10 families were among those who traveled to Pearson’s headquarters earlier this month to protest against the test-maker.