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Remainders: The dream of equitable funding is alive in Portland

  • Portland, Ore., collects all parent donations and redistributes them across the entire city. (SchoolBook)
  • Dinged because of its anti-union stances, StudentsFirst extended an olive branch to the unions. (HuffPo)
  • Among the 23 1/2 “big ideas” of 2012 is a call for teacher training to resemble boot camp. (Atlantic)
  • New Orleans could be on the hook for years of back pay to teachers fired after Hurricane Katrina. (T-P)
  • A city teacher characterizes the teacher data shield bill is yet another loss for the UFT. (Accountable Talk)
  • The first-ever Broad Prize for charter management groups went to a Texas-based network. (Eduwonk)
  • The office that examined charters’ special ed enrollment is looking at ELLs, too. (Learning the Language)
  • Voting is open now for a contest to honor schools with innovative instruction. (Teaching Matters)

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