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Remainders: Senate support for teacher eval bill is wavering

  • Senate GOP is “concerned” that a proposal to shield teacher eval data isn’t private enough. (Cap Ton)
  • Petrilli questions the wisdom behind the lastest charter school report on special education. (Gadfly)
  • A reform advocacy group has collected all of the teachers union contracts in Connecticut. (ConnCAN)
  • The new Times’ city education reporters worked the Middle East and city copes beats. (CapitalNY)
  • The teachers union attacked a charter school parent and fundraiser for his background. (EdWize)
  • A Chicago study found that the carrot and stick approach boosted student test scores. (Yahoo!)
  • Union pressure prompted to drop two reform groups from their client list. (HuffPo)
  • Council members want the DOE to mandate that free meals be offered in classrooms, too. (Schoolbook)
  • A cost-cutting measure has science teachers upset that frogs will be dissected online. (Digital Ed)
  • PTAs are chipping in thousands to subsidize part-time salaries at strapped schools. (Schoolbook)

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