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Remainders: Cuomo education commission gains new members

  • Facing criticism, Gov. Cuomo added a parent advocate to his education commission. (Schoolbook)
  • Success Academies’ Eva Moskowitz has written a book on the virtues of school choice. (Schoolbook)
  • A third grade teacher in Harlem has been charged with sexually assaulting a student. (City Room)
  • Teachers union members are joining activists in a march to oppose stop-and-frisks. (Edwize)
  • Students won college scholarships from the American Museum of Natural History. (Schoolbook)
  • The state is accepting applications for three more Race to the Top grants. (SED)
  • A Robeson HS teacher laments the suspension of students who walked out on May 1. (NYC PS Parents)
  • A city teacher says those facing cheating allegations are not necessarily guilty. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • A Core Knowledge exec says the Common Core is renewing focus on content. (Common Core Watch)
  • Christopher Caruso: Schools that increase learning time need deep outside partnerships. (Quick and Ed)
  • Russo: Few Parents Across America activists are low-income or people of color. (This Week in Ed)