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Remainders: Senate passes bill to boost Title I, special ed

  • A senate panel approved two programs to boost Department of Education funds. (Politcs K-12)
  • Teacher: “going the extra mile” might mean starting at 7 a.m. and skipping lunch. (GS Community)
  • Mike Petrilli and Susan Headden discuss the Common Core’s potential impact. (Fordham Institute)
  • Deborah Kenny’s book tour gets some critical publicity from Gary Rubinstein. (Teach For Us)
  • Here’s one lawmaker’s take on a sparsely covered a state hearing on testing. (CapTon)
  • Students’ testimonies of drug use are pouring in after a Times’ story about it. (Times)
  • A Mad Men guide to what ed reporting looks like at the Times (spoiler alert!). (Quick & Ed)
  • A court decision barring schools from turning away students for legal status turned 30. (School Law)
  • A good-natured panel with six Democratic mayoral candidates was light on substance. (City & State)
  • A teacher questions the validity of the city’s new graduation data. (Chaz’s School Daze)

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