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Rise & Shine: Unions back plan to show parents teacher evals

  • A union-backed plan would give parents limited access to teacher evaluations. (Daily News)
  • After six years of steady growth, the city’s graduation rate flatlined. (GothamSchools, AP, NY1)
  • Bloomberg praised the numbers but said they would be “tougher” to keep up. (GothamSchools)
  • A principal was fired after stealing a grand piano from his Bronx school. (Post, City Room)
  • Walcott said he has experienced the stop-and-frisk policy firsthand but still supports it. (NY1)
  • A school that banned “God Bless the USA” will no longer play a Justin Bieber song at graduation. (Post)
  • A school bus driver was beaten in the Bronx after clipping a car during his route. (Post)
  • In his presidential bid, Mitt Romney champions school choice but avoids the voucher issue. (Times)
  • Chicago’s teachers union voted to tell city officials that the union will strike if it decides to. (Tribune)
  • Parent protests against high-stakes testing are on the rise in states across the country. (Reuters)
  • Most students at a high school admissions test prep center are from Bangladesh. (Insideschools)
  • The Bronx district attorney will hear reports of past sex abuse at the private Horace Mann School. (Times)