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Rise & Shine: Top students look to stimulants to fuel studies

  • Students across the country say the pressure of school has encouraged them to use stimulants. (Times)
  • A Queens school crossing guard was arrested after allegedly choking a 14-year-old on Friday. (Post)
  • The head of assessment at Pearson explains the reasons for this month’s contested field tests. (WSJ)
  • Michael Winerip: Disappointment reigns after Florida lowered cut scores to boost its image. (Times)
  • P.S. 90’s controversial principal is in the news again for squashing a patriotic graduation song. (Post)
  • Since making waves when taking over at P.S. 90, the principal has gotten racist hate mail. (Daily News)
  • The support network whose leader is living with a principal she oversees is being closed. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News endorses Jeffries “in the strongest terms” against Barron, “a racial bomb thrower.”
  • The principal of Manhattan’s P.S./I.S. 276 is pushing back against the city’s space claims. (Tribeca Trib)
  • Detroit’s teaching corps will likely lose 1,000 teachers when its contract expires June 30. (Detroit News)

Last week on GothamSchools:

  • Teachers at low-performing schools say their tenure approvals are getting reversed. (Friday)
  • Officials are been mum on a two-year special education reform pilot, concerning some groups. (Friday)
  • Hundreds boycotted a testing day by showing up to protest at Pearson’s headquarters. (Thursday)
  • Officials hope to expand a program that trains teachers in Common Core standards (Thursday.)
  • The city collapsed its charter school office and will replace its executive director. (Wednesday)
  • A massive charter school parent rally revealed deep tensions in the charter sector. (Wednesday)
  • Key players in the city, state, and nation’s education reform spoke on panels on Tuesday evening.
  • Cuts to city funding for early child care could lead to more inexperienced providers. (Monday)
  • A “saved” turnaround school is trying to overcome months of tumult before next year. (Monday)

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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