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Remainders: City parents report making sizable PTA donations

  • Parents who answered an online survey said they are donating large sums to their PTAs. (SchoolBook)
  • A new report by the advocacy group ConnCAN profiles 10 different evaluation systems. (Teacher Beat)
  • Wisconsin’s teachers unions have lost many members since a state law curbed their rights. (Intercepts)
  • A teacher weighs the effort it takes to get truant students to show up and learn. (Miss Eyre/NYC Educator)
  • A comic from the UFT’s newspaper mocks the changes promised to “turnaround” schools. (Edwize)
  • Jay Mathews: Visits with parents, not parent triggers, are effective ways to help schools. (Class Struggle)
  • A radio show about the decline of Lehman High School features a teacher we highlighted. (Metrofocus)
  • Jose Vilson talks about the power of teacher voice, in a TEDxNYED presentation. (Future of Teaching)

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