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Remainders: A parent coordinator calls for parent accountability

  • A parent coordinator says she wants more accountability for the city — and for parents. (SchoolBook)
  • A massive rally to protest after-school cuts in the mayor’s budget coalesced at P.S. 134. (Lo-Down NY)
  • A parent is blowing the whistle on draconian cafeteria policies at Brooklyn’s P.S. 104. (Home Reporter)
  • More on the mistaken idea, repeated across the city this week, that the school year is over. (Mr. Foteah)
  • A new, disputed report finds some city charters spend more than district schools. (Charters & Choice)
  • New research argues that, done right, Common Core math is like other countries’. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Dozens of D.C. public schools would lose their librarians under the latest budget cuts. (Answer Sheet)
  • House of Representatives candidate Hakeem Jeffries is liberal, except on education. (Brooklyn Ink)
  • A student essay about the problem with awards turns into an ode to perseverance. (In the Middle)
  • Districts nationwide aren’t happy about the scrutiny a cheating analysis has brought. (Educated Reporter)
  • “We Are Young” takes on new meaning when sung by Staten Island schoolchildren. (P.S. 22 Chorus)

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