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Rise & Shine: No rubber rooms, but some still "rubber-roomed"

  • Without official “rubber rooms,” teachers charged with misconduct languish in other locations. (Post)
  • Alleging that a teacher had an affair with her teenaged son, a mother is suing the city. (Post, Daily News)
  • Sources say an education department network leader is living with a principal she supports. (Daily News)
  • Nearly all city principals scored at least satisfactory on their evaluations last year. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • Michael Winerip: The mayor’s proposed cuts to after-school programs are catastrophic if real. (Times)
  • Admissions letters to city gifted and talented programs went out Friday. (Insideschools, SchoolBook)
  • York Prep stands out among city private schools for taking challenging students — and a profit. (Times)
  • In letters, representatives of education nonprofits weigh in on Joe Nocera’s Bill Gates interview. (Times)
  • AQE’s Billy Easton: Budget cuts and tax caps make improving schools in the state a tough ask. (Times)
  • The Daily News says Gov. Cuomo’s education reform panel should turn its watchful eye toward Pearson.

Last week on GothamSchools:

  • The city and the unions that sued it have agreed to unusually speedy “turnaround” arbitration. (Friday)
  • Judges extended the lives of two charter schools the city wants to close, at least temporarily. (Thursday)
  • The Panel for Educational Policy approved a controversial special education budget plan. (Thursday)
  • Advocates want the state to take more time to phase in more stringent diploma standards. (Wednesday)
  • Parent activists are weighing political campaigns as they look toward Bloomberg’s exit. (Wednesday)
  • Some parents are resisting next month’s field tests, when the state will try out new questions. (Tuesday)
  • Math teachers, whose topic builds sequentially, see a rocky transition to the Common Core. (Tuesday)
  • Proposed rules for a district-level Race to the Top contest could be hard for the city to follow. (Tuesday)
  • Olympus Academy uses a blended learning model to let students advance at their own pace. (Monday)

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