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Rise & Shine: Lawsuit alleges Mulgrew sex scandal cover-up

  • A teacher’s suit accuses UFT chief Michael Mulgrew of making concessions to hide a sex scandal. (Post)
  • The lawyer who filed the suit making the allegations was fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit before. (Post)
  • Many schools are taking the option to cancel two class days in June, but a third day is required. (Times)
  • An arbitrator will referee the city and unions’ “turnaround” contract dispute. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • A Queens high school principal is under fire for marking up the cost of students’ uniforms. (Daily News)
  • Lehman High graduates who attend selective colleges reflect on their closing school. (Daily News)
  • Like New York, Newark might also try to offer buyouts to teachers without permanent positions. (WSJ)
  • The Daily News says the city buyouts show the UFT would rather reward weak teachers than good ones.
  • The Post says the city’s latest teacher quality policies are weak but made necessary because of the UFT.
  • Several protocol problems plagued a private school where students’ SAT scores were tossed. (Times)
  • Chancellor Dennis Walcott runs, cooks, and sings in a church choir on typical Sundays. (Times)
  • A student has sued the city, charging that an injury in M.S. 51’s gym derailed his sports ambitions. (Post)
  • David Kirp: Racial integration yielded academic and social benefits but has been abandoned. (Times)
  • Michael Winerip profiles a gifted student who will attend a South Carolina boarding school. (Times)
  • Los Angeles still offers health classes and employs health teachers as others make cuts. (L.A. Times)

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