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Remainders: Assessing advocacy groups' influence and impact

  • A series of articles tackles the growing clout of big advocacy groups, and their mixed results. (EdWeek)
  • A teacher at a turnaround school says he’s not getting clear details about hiring. (Chaz’s School Daze)
  • The city’s scoring of the state’s math and reading tests should be finished by Wednesday. (SchoolBook)
  • Parents are upset after New Jersey’s state test asked third-graders to reveal a personal secret. (CBS)
  • Educators are signing a petition to keep the state Global Studies Regents exam. (Mr. D’s Neighborhood)
  • A teacher describes five test-prep strategies that work for him — but also make him sick. (NYCDOENuts)
  • A teacher who taught AP Calculus for the first time this year explains why it was also the last. (JD2718)
  • Ravitch notes the nasty names that charter advocates called her and other critics in emails. (DR’s Blog)
  • A teacher asks why his colleagues are surprised by the charter backers-Joel Klein emails. (Jose Vilson)
  • Since David Wakelyn resigned as Gov. Cuomo’s education deputy, no one is in charge. (Ed in the Apple)
  • In Georgia, students in every grade will complete surveys that help evaluate their teachers. (Hechinger)
  • When the math gets ahead of one teacher, she tells her students she needs to slow down. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • A teacher singles out a former student who makes her feel like she has made a difference. (SchoolBook)

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