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Remainders: Another turnaround principal is removed in Queens

  • As we reported in March, the longtime principal of August Martin HS was pulled. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Bloomberg suggested that arbitrators in misconduct hearings ruled in favor of the union. (Politicker)
  • A psychologist’s prescription for parents who want to help their children with homework. (Answer Sheet)
  • An art teacher encourages students to incorporate design and math lessons into their work. (Schoolbook)
  • The rating for a film about bullying was lowered, meaning teenagers can finally watch it. (MSNBC)
  • Francis Lewis High School is hosting an ‘unconference’ on teaching for city educators in May. (EdCamp)
  • When lured with cash, students excelled in Advanced Placement programs. (Inside School Research)
  • Tennessee lawmakers voted to ban teacher evaluation data from public, parents. (Commercial Appeal)
  • A new study suggests that Upper West Side school overcrowding could soon get even worse. (DNA Info)
  • Chicago Teachers Union leaders in contract talks say members would support a strike. (Tribune)
  • D.C. officials are celebrating more accurate data as graduation rates decline. (Quick and the Ed)
  • The number of Atlanta schools suspected of test fraud has dropped significantly since 2009. (AJC)
  • GothamSchools is joining the city schools next week for (mostly) a week off. Enjoy spring break!