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Remainders: Opening day must wait for school baseball teams

  • Bronx Science baseball players say they’re getting a raw deal from the city Parks Dept. (SchoolBook)
  • DFER head says a “large overlap” of donors will exist between his group and Rhee’s. (New York World)
  • Pre-kindergarten applications for the 2012-2013 school year were extended to April 10. (InsideSchools)
  • A federal task force wants more time to craft rules to evaluate teacher-prep programs. (Teacher Beat)
  • An upstate charter school lost a rematch legal fight for its charter versus its district. (LoHud)
  • In another “first-year reflection,” Walcott says the education debate’s tone has mellowed. (SchoolBook)
  • And he’s going to commemorate his anniversary by eating a “celebratory banana.” (Tell Me More)
  • John Merrow: Current test culture and reduced arts offerings are cheating students. (Taking Note)
  • A supporter of Newtown High School says the school does have problems that need fixing. (Invest Truth)
  • Around the country, states are cutting crucial Pre-K programs to plug deficits. (Rotherham)