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Rise & Shine: Walcott reflects on his first year in charge

  • In 10 years, the Chancellor says he’s never disagreed with Bloomberg on an issue. (Daily News)
  • Though Walcott’s opinion of teacher data seems to be evolving away from the mayor’s. (NY Post)
  • Teachers at a turnaround school are split on a new principal’s soaring U-ratings. (GothamSchools)
  • Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirstNY chapter officially announced its launch yesterday. (WSJ, NY1)
  • A college is pairing with a high school to help students obtain a free degree. (GothamSchools, DNAInfo)
  • Detroit’s school chief is turning 10 high schools into “self-governing” entities. (Detroit News)
  • The president of Medgar Evers is accused of abusing his authority with spate of firings. (Am News)
  • Police say they found a stash of child pornography in the home of a former basketball coach. (News)
  • The lawyer for nearly-shuttered Williamsburg charter school says the board voted to appeal. (DNAInfo)