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Remainders: Swing-state voters say education is a top priority

  • A survey found that voters in swing states say education is a top issue for them. (Politics K-12, HuffPo)
  • This year’s Broad Prize finalist districts are all in Texas, California, and Florida. (District Dossier)
  • N.Y. State paid the Common Core’s founder $76,000 over five months, a FOIL result shows. (Ed Notes)
  • Unknit sod at a local park has Bronx Science baseball players still without a home field. (SchoolBook)
  • After a decade, a Nevada charter school still faces big challenges. (Las Vegas CityLife via Eduwonk)
  • A teacher worries about a smart kid who has resigned himself to failure during test prep. (Mr. Foteah)
  • The mother of a child with autism says she doesn’t get parents who prefer exclusion. (Insideschools)
  • Panelists who are meant to rewrite federal rules on teacher prep can’t seem to agree. (Teacher Beat)
  • The USDOE is withdrawing an offer to forgive districts from cutting special ed services. (On Special Ed)