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Rise & Shine: Union might not assist with turnaround rehiring

  • UFT chief Michael Mulgrew signaled the union might not help with rehiring at turnaround schools. (NY1)
  • Several turnaround schools had no teachers rates unsatisfactory in recent years, or just a handful. (Post)
  • A for-profit education firm is seriously gouging some city charter schools on rent and facilities costs. (Post)
  • The scheme used to boost attendance rates at the Shuang Wen School might not be rare. (DNAInfo)
  • A handful of school administrators were demoted after being caught in affairs with colleagues. (Post)
  • Mayor Bloomberg, again: Results of teacher evaluations shouldn’t go just to parents. (Daily News)
  • Michael Winerip: Very little separates some A- and F-rated schools on the city’s progress reports. (Times)
  • When families withdraw from private schools, the schools sometimes sue for the year’s tuition. (Times)
  • Several issues are frustrating families as competition between public and private schools builds. (WSJ)
  • As Common Core implementation advances nationally, criticism of it is growing louder. (USA Today)
  • Gail Collins: The “Pineapple” test question epitomizes the ill-advised privatization of education. (Times)
  • The Daily News frets that SUNY’s Board of Trustees might be turning against charter schools.
  • The Post says Mayor Bloomberg’s latest bid to close 24 schools is a sign of strength, even if it wasn’t 33.
  • The Washington Post asks why it took a hurricane to induce changes to New Orleans’ school system.
  • A youth newspaper serving Los Angeles since the Rodney King riots is facing funding cuts. (L.A. Times)