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Remainders: Bloomberg school documentary picks up an Emmy

  • A film about a school’s move from Bushwick to Governor’s Island won an Emmy. (Harbor School)
  • A teacher stresses greater urgency to quickly align Core standards to state assessments. (SchoolBook)
  • A childhood accident and early union jobs informed Steve Barr’s approach to charters. (Hechinger)
  • Alterman is “baffled” by Joel Klein and Condi Rice’s national security education report. (The Nation)
  • Tennessee wants to ban teacher evaluations not just to the public, but parents, too. (Teacher Beat)
  • Late graduates smoke less and vote more than those who obtain GEDs, a study shows. (Jacobs)
  • Trayvon Martin’s death sparked an unlikely civic engagement from a Bronx class. (SchoolBook)
  • And hooded students in Crown Heights took to the web to speak about racial injustice. (YouTube)
  • SED awarded $12.9 million in contracts to develop K-5 curriculum tied to Common Core (NYSED)
  • Our rockstar public hearing reporter is once again tweeting from turnaround schools. (GS Twitter)