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Remainders: Some NCLB waivers promoting more subjects

  • Reading and math could lose their monopoly on curriculum in states that get NCLB waivers. (EdWeek)
  • Rotherham: Both Obama and Romney face education dissent within their parties. (School of Thought)
  • Lisa Belkin says reasons for taking your child to work have changed but are still good. (HuffPo Parents)
  • The stained glass windows at Erasmus Hall High School are in a competition for preservation. (PIP)
  • Laws that curb the creation of walkable communities also promote educational inequality. (Streetsblog)
  • Mike Petrilli: Maybe increased graduation rates are to blame for lower high school scores. (Flypaper)
  • Fred Smith explains the origins of the “Pineapple” exam question in norming test items. (Answer Sheet)
  • Danny Kanner, a former city DOE flack, will do rapid response press for the Obama campaign. (Politico)
  • TedXNYCEd is tomorrow and at least one teacher who signed up to speak is sweating. (Jose Vilson)
  • The Queens Chronicle says turnaround is the last straw and mayoral control now needs revision.
  • Legislators are divided about whether online bullying should be classified as criminal. (SchoolBook)
  • Test season and student breakdowns has one teacher realizing how much she really does care. (Prelife)
  • Heath Brown handicaps potential education secretary picks for potential President Romney. (HuffPo)