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Rise & Shine: Trouble seen in educational attainment slowdown

  • This generation will be the first in many not to undergo much more schooling than its parents. (WSJ)
  • Preparations are underway for tonight’s Panel for Educational Policy votes on turnaround. (NY1)
  • We summed up turnaround’s past, present, and probable future in two parts. (GothamSchools 1, 2)
  • Council speaker Christine Quinn was the latest official to support one of the schools. (GothamSchools)
  • Principals union chief Ernest Logan says the city needs reforms beyond unwise closures. (Daily News)
  • But Chancellor Dennis Walcott defends school closures, saying they induce improvement. (Daily News)
  • Bedbugs are down in the city, but parents say they are all over East New York’s P.S. 224. (Daily News)
  • Parents are giving three charter middle schools proposed for Queens a warm response. (Daily News)
  • P.S. 24 is likely not to be able to accommodate all the gifted qualifiers in its district. (Riverdale Press)