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Rise & Shine: Some students had already seen exam passage

  • A reading passage on the state test also showed up in a prep curriculum some schools use. (Daily News)
  • The state warned about errors on math tests that start today. (GothamSchools, Post, NY1, Daily News)
  • A new poll shows New Yorkers want their next mayor to adopt different education policies. (SchoolBook)
  • As states create new teacher evaluations, they are grappling with how to rate special ed teachers. (AP)
  • The Department of Education’s Young Men’s Initiative program is off to a slow start. (GothamSchools)
  • Parents say they’ll occupy Cobble Hill’s P.S. 29 if the city does not slow asbestos cleanup. (Daily News)
  • A state board approved an unusual bid for five Success Charter schools to share a set of trustees. (NY1)
  • The board also tabled a vote about the Success network to increase its management fees. (Daily News)
  • Michael Benjamin: Kids have been dealing with talking fruit for years on TV, so why not on tests? (Post)
  • Los Angeles is moving to revoke the charter of a school accused of mishandling discipline. (L.A. Times)