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Remainders: A principal complains about this year’s ELA tests

  • P.S. 321 Principal Elizabeth Phillips complained to the state about this year’s ELA exams. (Ed Notes)
  • A collection of coverage about a field-test boycott that one teacher encouraged in 2008. (Ed Notes)
  • Against the idea that summer vacation is a vestige of an agricultural past. (National Review)
  • Joel Klein talks about his life before and after running the DOE. “I party hard,” he says. (NYT Mag)
  • Kate Quarfordt is back and directing another play in the Bronx, “Les Miserables.” (GS Community)
  • On the child-rearing genius of the father of the boy who built a cardboard arcade. (Motherlode)
  • A student with cerebral palsy laments Brooklyn Tech’s dearth of special ed teachers. (SchoolBook)
  • Ex-NYer Jonathan Gyurko is raising hackles in Connecticut’s edu-politics. (Conn Post via Russo)
  • Chicago is restoring physical education classes in effort to reduce childhood obesity. (The Root)
  • It’s Friday, so here’s a video of cute kids narrative animal documentary films. (Boing Boing)