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Remainders: Mourning a dear (and free-thinking) school official

  • A beloved Brooklyn school official, Fortunato “Fred” Rubino, died suddenly today. (SchoolBook)
  • Rubino did not always toe the official DOE line as he helmed I.S. 318 and District 14. (Ed Notes)
  • A portrait series depicts several New Yorkers who work while also attending high school. (Times)
  • A Brooklyn principal says a charter school will be too much for his packed building. (MetroFocus)
  • Joanne Barkan: Ed reform with a corporate mindset seems powerful but can be overcome. (Dissent)
  • A Philadelphia principal offers his criteria for what makes “transformative” schools. (Practical Theory)
  • A teacher says the city’s banned words list was an affront to knowledge. (Coming of Age in the Middle)
  • A class of kindergarteners at Manhattan’s P.S. 150 summarizes each day in a Tweet. (SchoolBook)
  • A teacher lauds alma mater Bank Street College and asks why more don’t. (On the Shoulders of Giants)
  • The superintendent of Colorado Springs, Colo., is likely to be Dallas’s next chief. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Miles recently authored a paper praising his district’s teacher compensation plan. (Ed Excellence)
  • A problem with the report is that Miles is “almost evangelical” about his faith in testing. (Dana Goldstein)
  • An elementary school father pens an ode to his school’s expansive annual auction. (Insideschools)
  • We’re tweeting from turnaround hearings at Lehman and Grover Cleveland high schools. (GS Twitter)