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Rise & Shine: Democratic candidates united on mayoral control

  • Five of the leading Democratic mayoral candidates said they would preserve mayoral control. (Post, NY1)
  • Three of them also offered more details about their school policy views. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook)
  • Juan Gonzalez: Worse than the length of this year’s state tests are field questions on them. (Daily News)
  • John Dewey High School’s closure hearing attracted a vociferous protest against turnaround. (NY1)
  • At another turnaround school, changes could threaten career and technical programs. (GothamSchools)
  • At the Brooklyn middle school that won a high school chess championship, chess is cool. (Times)
  • City officials touted 54 set-to-open small schools. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, Bloomberg, Daily News)
  • A foundation report described inequities in city schools. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, Daily News)
  • The Post lambastes potential effects of proposed legislation to roll back mayoral control of city schools.
  • James Merriman: Recent legislative attempts to curb charter schools are only the beginning. (Post)
  • Los Angeles might scale back a college prep requirement that many students can’t meet. (L.A. Times)