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Remainders: Far fewer teachers are satisfied with their jobs

  • An annual survey of American teachers finds that only 44 percent are satisfied with their jobs. (MetLife)
  • Aaron Pallas picks apart Mayor Bloomberg’s latest achievement gap-closing claims. (GS Community)
  • Two parents explain why they aren’t letting their children take state tests this year. (NYC P.S. Parents)
  • The parents, both professors at city colleges, say the tests aren’t sound measures. (SchoolBook)
  • Analysis of charter schools’ teacher ratings fuels a broad array of conclusions. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • TFA founder Wendy Kopp describes her embarrassment and dismay at the ratings’ release. (WSJ)
  • An argument that “spiraling” teaching, or repeating it annually, is bad for learning. (Coach D)
  • Demystifying grading, and an argument in favor of “outcomes-based grading.” (Urban Teacher’s Ed)
  • New Advanced Placement courses will focus on critical thinking skills. (Curriculum Matters)