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Remainders: Student’s illustration confronts his school’s plight

  • A Lehman junior describes the inspiration behind his artistic depiction of “King Bloomberg.” (EdVox)
  • Credibility of AJC’s investigation is questioned when compared to USA Today report. (Fresh Loaf)
  • Fred Smith: The debates about the validity of test scores and how they are used are not new. (City Limits)
  • Success Charter Network’s 2013 plans include District 2, where many schools are crowded. (DNA Info)
  • The next Michelle Rhee could be a newly-elect 20-year-old school board member. (Scholastic)
  • Students at International High School discuss their paths as part of Early College Week. (NYCAN)
  • A reform group describes “greenhouse schools” where teachers stay and outcomes are good. (TNTP)
  • For Women’s History Month, a look at how teaching is a feminine profession. (Shoulders of Giants)
  • Republicans are becoming more vocal opponents to Obama’s education policies. (Our Future)
  • Public education in America isn’t nearly as bad as media coverage makes it out to be. (Paul Farhi)
  • Occupy the DOE was a natural spin-off for Zuccotti occupiers protesting privatization. (Indypendent)